What we all need to plant this year…

This is such a lovely article by my insurance broker Lois, that I had to share it. As the days grow longer, I've been pondering my gardens and how they will look this year. Lois takes it a step further, reminding us that life is a garden that must be tended with care... What we … Continue reading What we all need to plant this year…


Kitchen Garden – Early August – and Recipe

My kitchen garden is small, and mostly healthy, but I think the final result will be a low yield this season and that's okay. I've already enjoyed a couple of small tomatoes as well as rosemary, basil, lemon thyme and cilantro. There's more to come, as you can see from the picture. Also, my Christmas … Continue reading Kitchen Garden – Early August – and Recipe

Kitchen Garden Update

It's June 15 - the kitchen garden is progressing nicely as you can see from today's photo - and my Christmas Cactus has joined the group to take advantage of the tremendous amount of liquid sunshine falling from the skies of late. I'll update from time to time... Click here for the original Kitchen Garden … Continue reading Kitchen Garden Update

Kitchen Garden – The Beginnings

Here's my little back porch kitchen garden this morning, two and a half weeks after planting day. The sun is finally shining after many days of cold and rain, so I wanted to catch a photo just as things start to progress. Actually it has rained just about the entire time since I brought these … Continue reading Kitchen Garden – The Beginnings