I love people, music, reading, and chocolate.

Here is where it all started…

Mom and Dad
This is my Mom and Dad when they were dating.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. To Another Elaine,

    I found your website via twitter and am writing to ask for your assistance. I am an indie author who just launched her debut novel Atomic Summer. The launch has been great and exceeded my expectations with many five start reviews and on the hot new seller list.

    But this is not why I am writing. I wrote Atomic Summer to be read, not to make a living. So I decided to give away 100% of the royalties to cancer causes in 2012 (and something else in 2013 and so on). My “ask” is that you share my story with your readers/fans or anyone you know that can or would relate.

    I recognize that this is probably a very strange request, but you never know until you try! As a blogger myself, I find inspiration in alot of stories, so maybe I have inspired a story in you.

    Thank you for your consideration,

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