On the Passing of a Friend I’ve Never Met

Life Coach and Writer, Heather Williams, of Wangaretta, Victoria, Australia
Life Coach and Writer Heather Williams of Wangaretta, Victoria, Australia                        Photo credit Maggie Currie

This morning I learned of the passing of a friend, a friend I’ve never met. Some would say I’ve no right to these feelings of loss and sadness. My connection with writer and life coach Heather Williams was purely an online friendship, through Maia Berens’ Life Coaching site “You University”.

The story of Heather’s upbringing is different from my own in every way, not simply because she lived her life in Australia and I in the sleepy suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Having survived an extremely difficult upbringing and more than one bout of cancer, Heather made the decision to share her narrative on You University, complete the program, and become a coach for others. She shared her story openly and without regret in Maia’s online community, and in that sharing was her gift: I felt the pain and suffering of a young girl who, as an adult, learned to love herself and practice forgiveness for past injustice.

Heather loved with her whole heart, and felt very strongly that she could influence others by her honesty. Words mattered to Heather and she chose them thoughtfully to convey peace, harmony and love.

My life is richer for having known Heather, however brief and hampered by geographical distance our connection. Heather, I will forever be grateful for your kind words and positive, loving interaction, even in the face of grave illness. Your example of a life filled with purpose and love will remain in my heart…..



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