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Walking It Off

2 Apr

ImageAs the sun lowers in the late afternoon sky I resist the urge to close the computer, turn off the desk lamp, put on my walking shoes and get outside for a quick stroll. Why such resistance? In my head, I know that a brisk 25 minutes outdoors will fuel me for a couple more hours of work after dinner. Everything I read about exercise and nutrition tells me it is so. A lifetime of experience has proven it to be true. Yet I resist. Is it laziness? Perhaps I need a nap, although I’m not much of a napper. Maybe a snack will give me the boost I need? I’m not hungry.

All day I told myself I’d walk this afternoon….going to get it done and rid myself of the desk-sitting, computer-gazing cobwebs in my head.



What we all need to plant this year…

2 Apr

Garden for Life

This is such a lovely article by my insurance broker Lois, that I had to share it. As the days grow longer, I’ve been pondering my gardens and how they will look this year. Lois takes it a step further, reminding us that life is a garden that must be tended with care…

What we all need to plant this year » South Shore MA Insurance News & Information | Lois Drukman.

What will you do?

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