Autumn is Lovely But….

It happens every year. Summer comes to a close, the evening air is cooler, vacation time is over, the neighbor children appear at the bus stop at 8:15 a.m. each weekday. It makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for each breath I take and love my life most days, but I mourn … Continue reading Autumn is Lovely But….


That Nice Kirby Sales Rep

We had a Saturday afternoon free. Relatively free, anyway - just errands to be done and tying up loose ends before heading out to dinner and a show with friends. During a cold call from the Kirby Vacuum cleaner people that morning, we decided to let them come by and show us the vacuum/carpet shampooer … Continue reading That Nice Kirby Sales Rep

Earn the Right to Ask

In relationships, whether business or personal, you must earn the right to ask the difficult questions or make the requests that seem impossible to fulfill. It's all about trust and it requires time and effort. Totally worth it, though, don't you think? Photo by Matt Spitz

Local Fresh Ambition plus Egg Salad

A week or so ago, a hard-working and ambitious friend generously presented me with a dozen eggs from her own chickens, along with a little jar of honey from her very own bee hives! Two major treats. The eggs are long gone - we eat eggs almost daily in our home. The honey is being … Continue reading Local Fresh Ambition plus Egg Salad