Looking Closely

Young Woman in Green by Barbara Garofano PhotographyThe world swirls around with all its distractions, and I sometimes find it difficult to focus on what’s really important to me. I get caught up in budget crises and unemployment, traffic jams and email spam, and could the nice folks doing necessary work on our roads please speed up the process?! The reality is, there are certain things I can control and many things I cannot, so I should simply let it go and get back to what’s real, what matters in my small corner of the world.

Like most people, if I’m willing to look closely enough, I know exactly what is required for me to have a happy life. I love my family, music, watching funny shows on TV, walking alone or with a friend, communicating with my sisters via jokey text messages. I love being in touch with everyone I’ve ever known via Facebook, and meeting new people on Twitter, and Google+. I love the concentration required for learning new software, or knitting a scarf. Digging into an historical novel, biography, or delicious work of fiction is like heaven. Opening the fridge when it’s full of our favorite fresh foods brings a feeling of richness to my heart. Sitting in my own yard on an early summer evening enjoying a meal with my husband and sons is an absolute delight.

If I look closely, the key for me is continuing to learn and to make connections. Those are the things that drive me, make me happy to leap out of bed each day.

If you look closely, what do you see?

Photo courtesy of Barbara Garofano Photography: bgarofanophoto at gmail dot com


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