Good People at Trader Joe’s


It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it was rush hour on a Thursday, but the dark and stormy part is true – thunder and lightning had been booming and crashing for 30 minutes or so; all around me people were rushing to finish errands and get home before the expected heavy rain and possible hail began.

I dashed into Trader Joe’s for a couple of things, along with a few other hardy souls. Just as I rounded the corner into the dairy section I heard shouting: “call 911!” and stopped in my tracks  as the Trader’s staff converged to help an elderly man lying on his back on the cement floor, obviously having a seizure. Immediately the staffers turned the man on his side, placed a rolled up shirt under his head as a cushion and called 911 while one person comforted the man’s distressed wife as she stood, shocked, beside him. Quick action by the staff of Trader Joe’s made this unfortunate medical emergency seem like a well-practiced drill by a team of EMTs. The man regained consciousness soon after and I completed my transaction and left just before the emergency workers arrived.

My experience at Trader Joe’s has always been pleasant – friendly helpful staff, quality products at a reasonable price – all the reasons one would continue to patronize a business and recommend it to friends. Now I know the back story – this Trader Joe’s is staffed with conscientious, well-trained people who are willing, as individuals and as a team, to do what they can to help their fellow man.

Good people. Shop TJ’s.

Trader Joe’s Hanover (513)

1775 Washington St
Hanover, MA 02339
Phone Number: 781-826-5389
Trading Hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm


One thought on “Good People at Trader Joe’s

  1. Nice to know they have it together at Trader Joe’s in Hanover. Refreshing to hear about the good in the World, for a change! Thanks, Pattie O’N.

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