May I Borrow Your Pen?

PensYou have a pen for a day or two, and then it’s gone. It disappears. Does this happen to you? I like to keep a pen or two on me at all times, favoring those that write with blue ink. During my school days, I did my best to keep my pens in my desk or book bag when not in use, but they always disappeared eventually. When my two sons were in school, they’d take a new pen almost daily as they left the house for school. By day’s end, the pen they left with would likely be gone, sometimes replaced with another they’d found along the way, or they’d simply arrive home sans writing implement. The boys would be as puzzled as I: where do these pens go?

The question I’ve been pondering since high school remains: why are we not knee deep in pens? Why are the hallways of schools everywhere not cluttered with pens, ripe for the picking? A plethora of pens to be kicked like fallen leaves as you walk through the hallways of your office building? Yet, when you arrive at the cashier at the supermarket, no one seems to have a pen.

Where do the pens go?

I bought a seven-dollar pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.
~ Mitch Hedberg


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