Ants Marching

Ant feeding on honey Each Spring without fail, our home is beset by ants. It’s a common problem and we’ve come to recognize that Spring would not be sprung unless at least one of the 22,000 species of ants is in our kitchen foraging for crumbs.

Wikipedia tells us that ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth, except for Antarctica, Hawaii and a few other small islands. These amazing creatures work together to feed and defend their colony and adapt most any habitat to their own needs. Some cultures include ants as part of their cuisine, which makes sense since there seems to be an abundant supply.

In our home we don’t enjoy ants as a snack and feel a bit beseiged in Spring, but discouraging the little creatures occasionally with a mild (mostly water) ant spray around the perimeter of the house works well. Until next year.


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