Kitchen Garden – The Beginnings

Kitchen Garden in May
My Kitchen Garden

Here’s my little back porch kitchen garden this morning, two and a half weeks after planting day. The sun is finally shining after many days of cold and rain, so I wanted to catch a photo just as things start to progress. Actually it has rained just about the entire time since I brought these plants home from the store and planted them in my own pots, including the grass seed in the small pot. The rain began as I crouched in the yard repotting everything, and soaked things beautifully for most of the past two weeks.

We’ve already enjoyed the basil in caprese salad (sliced tomato, mozzarella, basil, good olive oil, salt and pepper) a couple of times, but I fear it may now be suffering the effects of too much water and too little sun. If it continues to wilt, I’ll replace it over the weekend. The cilantro (Wikipedia tells us it is the leaves of the coriander plant) is perfect in your favorite tomato salsa recipe, with or without avocado. Cilantro looks like parsley, but has a bit of a citrusy bite to it.

The rosemary will find its use mainly in chicken and pork dishes on the grill all summer and into the fall, then I plan to over-winter the rosemary plant indoors. I’ve seen that work well for others, provided the plant has adequate sunshine.

I chose two varieties of container tomato plants, one produces slightly smaller fruit, which I don’t expect to harvest until late August. Meanwhile, I’m religiously pinching off the small green shoots that crop up at 45 degrees or so in the elbow between two branches. This will help the plant grow tall and strong.

I planted regular old grass seed in the smallest pot because I saw the idea in a magazine and love how the grass adds a delicate texture to the grouping. No mowing required.

I’ll tend and water, pinch and feed, and talk to my little kitchen garden for the summer and enjoy all the delicious gifts it provides.


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