Coffee = A Better Me

Coffee and mugs
My favorite coffee and mugs

I like me better when I’m drinking coffee.

I generally like myself and function quite efficiently most days. With a cup of coffee by my side, though, I feel more powerful. Perhaps it’s not just the drinking of the coffee that provides that boost, but the time spent contemplating while enjoying the coffee. Thinking my own thoughts.

In my 9 to 5 days (I’m now self-employed) the ritual of coffee provided a break from the routine. My first full-time job out of college was as secretary to the Benefits Manager of the Stop & Shop Corporation. Each day the coffee cart would be wheeled off the fourth floor elevator at exactly 10:15 a.m. and almost everyone would line up for his or her fix. I never drank coffee before this, but learned to savor that time in line with co-workers as a break from the filing and phones, from taking and deciphering shorthand (look it up) correspondence. I enjoyed a cup or two of coffee each morning until lunch or until my hands were shaking from the caffeine, whichever came first. Subsequent jobs in a medical office at a busy teaching hospital, a restaurant famous for its crepes, a storm window manufacturer, and two different ad specialties businesses, provided fewer actual breaks, but having that cup of coffee beside me felt like a little vacation in my mind. I could think my own thoughts while taking a sip, then with renewed vigor, grab that ringing phone or spring up to help the waiting patient or customer.

Just a little boost, a bit more energy and creative thinking. A better me through coffee. Is that wrong?


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