Planning for Vegetables

Corn at Farmer's Market
Corn picked hours ago

I’m so pleased with myself. I’ve installed a couple of tomato plants and a few herbs in pots on the back porch. The things have had so much rain, they should grow crazy-like once the sun finally resurfaces from its slumber. Here’s my kitchen garden recipe: tomatoes go with everything, cilantro will liven salsas and salads, basil will lend its minty freshness to sauces, and there’s rosemary for its fragrant evergreen flavor. With a few marigolds around the base of each tomato plant, I now have a lovely kitchen garden at the back door.

The other thing that I’m happy for is having signed up with our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Here’s a good explanation of how CSA works: – the group I joined, The Farmer’s Garden of Rehoboth, MA, is here: Farmers Garden.

Last year my friend, Linda, and I split a ten-week Family Share from August through October. Each Saturday for ten weeks, one or the other of us would pick up the prefilled basket from the farmer’s market outside our town hall. All locally grown, picked that day, the shiny eggplants and fragrant tomatoes, crisp dark green lettuce, perfect onions and sweet, sweet corn – we’d split up our vegetable bounty and share new recipes that week, until the next Saturday’s bounty was ready. Neither Linda nor I learned to cook beets that season, but everything else was spectacular and our families benefited from super fresh produce and delicious new additions to our regular dinner fare.

My commitment to the Farmer’s Garden this year is a little different. It’s called the Green Rewards Card, pre-loaded with a specified dollar amount, with the incentive of a 20% bonus for signing up. The card is redeemable at their own farm stand or their Farmer’s Market locations in Rehoboth, Braintree, or Boston, MA. The farmer’s market runs from late June through the end of October, so there is plenty of time for me to spend down my Green Rewards Card. If I were betting, I’d say it’ll be spent by August.

Farmer’s Garden also has a standard Single or Family Share for 10 or 20 weeks, and an Egg Share plan for six or a dozen eggs weekly.

Catching up with a neighbor at our Saturday morning Farmer’s Market while purchasing lavender-scented handmade soap, a basket of fresh-picked apples, or locally grown blueberries is pure, wholesome, small-town goodness.

If you want to do something good for yourself, your family, and your community, get your hands dirty in the garden or support the local farmers who do so for a living and enjoy the goodness!

Sustainable Braintree


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