The Laughter of Friends

Friends sharing fun.
Laughter to resume momentarily...

Friendship makes life sweeter. The most valuable friendships provide at least a few of these qualities: trust, honesty, compassion, empathy, wanting the best for the other, sympathy, reciprocity. We recently hosted dinner at our house for two other couples. Three of these people have been great friends of ours for many years and the fourth is someone we know less well, but whose company we enjoy equally. What we sought for our evening was great conversation and many laughs. Our friends came through with both.

The conversation ranged from society’s ills and triumphs to our jobs, films and TV, Red Sox, Bruins, and food. What are the proper proportions of pineapple juice and rum? We discussed how much we appreciate our kids, why dogs are funny, why Seinfeld episodes remain hilarious after 2o viewings (Jerry, hello!). Between the windows of serious conversation we roared with laughter. There’s nothing like laughing with friends to make you feel alive, like there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. Even the challenges looming largest in your life shrink  when illuminated by the glow of shared laughter.

At evening’s end we parted, with hugs and lists of movie recommendations, satisfied that our shared meal and laughter had enlivened our weekend and enriched our lives. I wish the same for you…


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