Kitchen Garden – The Beginnings

Here's my little back porch kitchen garden this morning, two and a half weeks after planting day. The sun is finally shining after many days of cold and rain, so I wanted to catch a photo just as things start to progress. Actually it has rained just about the entire time since I brought these … Continue reading Kitchen Garden – The Beginnings


Coffee = A Better Me

I like me better when I'm drinking coffee. I generally like myself and function quite efficiently most days. With a cup of coffee by my side, though, I feel more powerful. Perhaps it's not just the drinking of the coffee that provides that boost, but the time spent contemplating while enjoying the coffee. Thinking my … Continue reading Coffee = A Better Me

Planning for Vegetables

I'm so pleased with myself. I've installed a couple of tomato plants and a few herbs in pots on the back porch. The things have had so much rain, they should grow crazy-like once the sun finally resurfaces from its slumber. Here's my kitchen garden recipe: tomatoes go with everything, cilantro will liven salsas and … Continue reading Planning for Vegetables

The Laughter of Friends

Friendship makes life sweeter. The most valuable friendships provide at least a few of these qualities: trust, honesty, compassion, empathy, wanting the best for the other, sympathy, reciprocity. We recently hosted dinner at our house for two other couples. Three of these people have been great friends of ours for many years and the fourth … Continue reading The Laughter of Friends