On the Passing of a Friend I’ve Never Met

This morning I learned of the passing of a friend, a friend I've never met. Some would say I've no right to these feelings of loss and sadness. My connection with writer and life coach Heather Williams was purely an online friendship, through Maia Berens' Life Coaching siteĀ "You University". The story of Heather's upbringing is … Continue reading On the Passing of a Friend I’ve Never Met


Walking It Off

As the sun lowers in the late afternoon sky I resist the urge to close the computer, turn off the desk lamp, put on my walking shoes and get outside for a quick stroll. Why such resistance? In my head, I know that a brisk 25 minutes outdoors will fuel me for a couple more … Continue reading Walking It Off

What we all need to plant this year…

This is such a lovely article by my insurance broker Lois, that I had to share it. As the days grow longer, I've been pondering my gardens and how they will look this year. Lois takes it a step further, reminding us that life is a garden that must be tended with care... What we … Continue reading What we all need to plant this year…

What’s to Love About Teenage Boys?

"My Feet Are Killing Me from Kicking So Much Ass!" The 15-year-old kid wearing this two-color full-front silk-screened imprint (yes, I once sold ad specialties) didn't appear to be an actual ass-kicker, just a regular, smallish, bespectacled high-schooler training for the upcoming track season. I smiled to myself as he worked up a sweat doing … Continue reading What’s to Love About Teenage Boys?

Google Privacy – the Shift Has Hit the Fan

The lines between safety, privacy, and access are blurring like that chalk hopscotch board the kids drew on your sidewalk on a sweltering day in July. Google tells me that their privacy rules are changing, all the better for me to share across multiple platforms and so on. Since Facebook already tracks my friends and … Continue reading Google Privacy – the Shift Has Hit the Fan

Important Legal Materials Enclosed

It looks like junk mail, but the bold-face type below the return address (unfamiliar to me, I should note) exclaims: "IMPORTANT LEGAL MATERIALS ENCLOSED". The fact that it's addressed to "Resident" does nothing to add to its importance, but I cannot resist opening ......... and very disappointing....It's from United States District Court District of New … Continue reading Important Legal Materials Enclosed